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Ania Ruszkowski

Business Coach and Learning Specialist - Ania Ruszkowski Training Ltd

Ania Ruszkowski

Ania Ruszkowski Training Ltd. (a.r.t. Ltd)

Ania Ruszkowski is an accredited Business Coach and Learning Specialist, with a Pharmaceutical Sales Management background. She is also a practicing artist, having completed a certificate in Portraiture at the Art Academy in London. Ania is now studying for a Foundation Degree in Contemporary Portraiture at the same school.


Ania combines her passion for behavioral change with her artistic practice. She applies artistic concepts to business challenges to engage both the logical and creative sides of the brain. This unique approach generates greater emotional expression and insights that words alone cannot deliver. Applied to coaching and team engagement, it offers the mind space to reassess problems and create plans through an understanding that rational thought alone cannot offer


Ania works in collaboration with artists, psychologists, art therapists, and business leaders to deliver the organizational success and outcomes you require.

Ania Ruszkowski

We work with more than 200 leading Life Sciences companies including:

Working with Life Science Access Academy, our company love the variety of the many courses that are on offer. The hour long courses on specific subjects are really useful on Friday lunchtimes for our field teams and gain a lot of interest.

Life Science Access Academy are also super flexible and helpful when it comes to tailoring some additional sessions to our needs.

Marsha Gray, Training Specialist

Boehringer Ingelheim Ltd

We have been partnered with LSAA for several years now which has enabled our team members to develop their competencies and capabilities.

With over 700 learning modules, regular webinars on highly relevant topics across the UK, the opportunity to engage with expert speakers after events and regular blogs and newsletters, the platform is a highly valued resource at Ferring.

The team also provides regular usage statistics so we can understand the hot topics in Ferring and enable colleagues to share knowledge and experience with each other.

Paul Runeckles, Director of Execution Excellence


Frontier Medical has fully implemented, Life Science Access Academy allowing Sales and Marketing to utilise the system. Maximising on line learning for all remote staff stimulates a culture of self-development giving individuals the accountability and responsibility to broaden their skills set.

Life Science Access Academy training is topical and a good fit for the faced paced healthcare market.

Simon Warden, National Sales Manager

Frontier Medical Group

I have found the training via the Life Science Access Academy to be excellent and I know many of my colleagues have as well.

The content is always kept up to date and there is huge and interesting variety of topics covered. The site is curated in a way that makes it clear and easy to navigate. Also, the staff at Life Science access Academy are friendly and responsive and all the experts are always knowledgeable in their areas.

Richard Edmonds

Gedeon Richter Women's Health

The variety and relevancy of content brings value to many different roles across the healthcare industry.

I have also been overwhelmed by the way the Life Science Access Academy team have accommodated our own business needs, being sensitive yet responsive to helping us since its formation.

Robb Sayers, UK Capability Lead

ViiV Healthcare