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Rachel Cashman
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Rachel Cashman

Rachel Cashman is a specialist in psychological safety, wellbeing, and resilience at work. She works with executives, leaders, and teams to support sustainable and healthy high performance, backed by international research, and supported by world leading experts.

In a consultancy and coaching market that is based on complex academic research and measurement tools, clients come to Rachel for her real-world insight and varied frontline experience – as a nursing home healthcare assistant, working in the pharmaceutical industry, as hospital board member, government advisor and coach for international corporate leaders – all of which define her unique and empathic approach to putting the theory of psychological safety and wellbeing at work into practice.

Rachel is one of only a handful of Fearless Organization Certified Practitioners in the UK, having worked with world leading psychological safety expert, Amy Edmondson, Professor of Leadership at Harvard Business School to support NHS and Local Authority Chief Executives through an Action Learning Set “Psychologically Safe Leadership” during the first wave of the Covid19 Pandemic.

In 2021 Rachel received accredited training in applying the world’s first psychological safety at work standard – ISO 45003 – launched by the Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (IOSH) and Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and Rachel holds the certificate in Neuroscience Professional Development, certified by the British Psychological Society.

Rachel works extensively within the NHS and a range of Government departments across the UK and with the pharmaceutical industry and other highly regulated sectors globally.


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