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Charles Barker
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Charles Barker

Charles Barker is the Managing Director of PrimeMover Associates and CMI Concord Group, Inc., international firms dedicated to collaboration and conflict management. Both firms are spinoffs of the Harvard Negotiation Project.

For over forty years Charles has advised, taught, coached, and mediated for business, governmental, public interest, academic, and religious organizations world-wide. He has served as a member of the Research Faculty of the Uppsala University Faculty of Law, as a Visiting Professor in collaborative negotiation at the London School of Economics, and as an instructor for the Harvard Negotiation Project and the Duke Center for International Development. Charles’ commercial focus is on health care, financial services, and management consulting. He helps national health care systems, life science companies, governmental agencies, hospitals, patient advocacy groups, HTAs, and payers to build their collaborative negotiation capacity and transform their health care systems in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.