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Dr. Patricia Hurton
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Dr. Patricia Hurton

Patricia retired from GP partnership at The Cedarbrook Practice this year after having joined the practice in 1997. As a GP partner in a NHSE clinical pharmacist pilot practice, she brings her expertise as a GP with special interest in Diabetes.

Since 2004 she has been working for Hillingdon community services as a GPSI in Diabetes. She is now working two days per week with the community diabetes team, the service being run by Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust.

Patricia has spent some time on the governing body of Hillingdon CCG as an elected board member and was the Diabetes clinical lead for Hillingdon CCG and was chair of her local Diabetes network board and has been involved in the commissioning and redesign of local Diabetes services. This interest has remained at a more localized level as she is now one of the clinical leads for a Hillingdon Primary Care Network, focusing on Diabetes care, Diabetes prevention and Diabetes remission.

Patricia has an interest in the training and development of clinical staff as a former GP trainer and current GP appraiser. She has just finished a project on the training of PCN pharmacists to deliver support and diabetes care for patients going through the REWIND project.