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Amantha King
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Amantha King

NLP coach & Development Consultant

Passions – Family, Learning & Development, Travel, Cooking, Meditation, Films, Technology

With over 20 years spent soaking up people skills in pharmaceutical sales, training and management roles (and having a wonderful time doing that). Amantha was curious about the reasons why people do what they do.

This curiosity led to a life changing path into the world of NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming and the use of it to coach people to engage with ‘being their authentic best’ personally and professionally.

As her passion and knowledge grew, she was able to see the vast landscape where NLP and coaching could assist people at all stages in their careers. In 2010 she set up her own successful coaching and development business and loves the variety that each new coaching relationship brings.

Amantha’s passion is that coaching using NLP and neuroscience creates behaviour changes that have far reaching positive outcomes. In a fast paced, technological world, the pressures of stress, burnout and mental health issues are ever present. With NLP coaching she guides companies and their employees with the skills to achieve their potential by removing limiting beliefs, obstacles to peak performance and
creating environments which support wellbeing and enable people to flourish.

By looking at the whole person, Amantha creates positive transformations that have lifelong positive outcomes Amantha coaches executives in 1:1sessions via Zoom, delivering cultural change programs and
facilitating workshops.

Recognised as a specialist in her field, Amantha is a Judge at The UK Business Awards and advises businesses on how to get the most from their important asset, their people.

Amantha also volunteers in schools by coaching head teachers and using NLP with pupils to give career guidance, boost confidence and help with mental health issues.