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Dr Fiona Schneider
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Dr Fiona Schneider

I'm a women's doctor who coaches women whose confidence is down so that they flourish again. My group 'Flourish after 45' & individual coaching programmes build new confidence.

Just imagine if the extra things we carry were swept away in a heap. How big would the heap be ? I know I have carried far too much stuff at times. It may be job anxiety or care for loved ones, or just wondering what we are doing in life. We all have times when we need a sounding board for our stuff and reflection to show us, in a mirror, what we carry.We need time to grow our spiritual awareness,
we need help with confidence restoration, and a way to stride out in courage. I coach professionals to do just that. I work with successful women who want to walk with a lighter load. Why? because I know that coaching has been liberating for me and shown me the rocks in my path and given me tools to shift them. Need courage? Need confidence again? Just message me or e mail me to have a chat about how I can help you.