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David Ashford Jones
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David Ashford Jones

Born in the Black Country in 1967 David now lives 40 minutes from central London.

A lifetime of wanting to understand the way things work, lead David  to a BSC Hons in Physiology & Pharmacology (Uni of Sheffield) and then an MBA (Uni of Warwick) marketing in the UK and internationally, David set up his consultancy Sagio with the goal is of delivering ”eureka” moments to his clients, unlocking insights that they have not recognized before.

Sagio since 2009 has developed the skills of over 200 individuals and many teams plus creating new insights for over 130 brands. “David gave my team the winning edge” is a typical client comment. David’s meets the varied need of his clients via a network of selected affiliates who live David’s values and are committed to delivery of the same level of quality as David.

Diagnosed in 2010 with Parkinson’s Disease (PD) David engaged with The Cure Parkinson’s Trust (CPT) becoming increasingly active as a patient advocate creating a sizable network. Now David is a trustee of CPT. Also, an advisor to a second PD charity Spotlight YOPD and networked at board level at Parkinson’s UK.

David sits as the patient member of the National Institute of Health Resources. Neuro-degenerative Diseases Clinical Trials Committee.

A proud father whose daughter starts her degree at UCL in September. A husband who “creates mess” for his wife Nyki. David fills his spare time by landscaping his garden, playing golf and cycling. Oscar the cockapoo completes  his family and keeps David walking everyday.