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Nathan Dennis
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Nathan Dennis

Do Black Lives Matter to you and your organisation?
I’m an award-winning consultant and trainer that will help you think differently about how you engage with Black and minority ethnic communities.
I deliver a range of consultancy services, including dynamic and nationally renowned training programmes and engagement strategies.
They enable businesses to connect with and build lasting relationships with labelled groups, including young people and those typically deemed ‘hard to reach’.
They are also a proven means of inspiring transformational change in corporate policy and procedures, and the attitudes and behaviour of employees.
I have dedicated my career to working in partnership with those that want to make a lasting change in the areas of diversity and inclusion, delivering outstanding results in the public and private sectors for the likes of KPMG, Birmingham City Council, Mears, West Midlands Police, National Mind and the Royal Shakespeare Company.
My work has led to regular invitations to speak at regional and national events and I was also consulted by former Prime Minister, David Cameron, on tensions in the Black and Asian communities in the aftermath of the fatal police shooting of Mark Duggan in 2011.
I have been recognised and nominated for several prestigious awards, including Phoenix Newspaper’s People's Choice Award and was honoured with a top ten position in the Barclays Trading Places Awards for ‘business heroes’.
I’m a trustee of First Class Foundation, a charity that tackles youth violence, improves mental health resilience and connects people to their purpose through employment and training opportunities.
To create change, you need to shift people to a new way of thinking. Are you ready to think differently?