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Anna Reddy
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Anna Reddy

Workplace health is hugely important right now to the longevity of individuals and their organisations.

With over 18 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, working with a broad spectrum of Health Care Professionals, in a wide range of therapy areas, & as the nutrition lead for their wellbeing programme, I have a sound knowledge of delivering health solutions in many situations. Through Leap health workplace health workshops,  I have proven success in many organisations such as Mercedes Benz, NHS, Unique Homecare services, Cain International, and various digital companies. I hold qualifications in nutrition & exercise, BA Hons Business Studies, and am hugely fascinated with how lifestyle can have such a profound effect on prevention & management of our health.

For years I have gone against the grain by prioritising health to improve personal & professional performance, and now this is becoming a societal norm. I have a huge enthusiasm for focussing on productivity and NOT the number of hours worked.

As a busy parent of 3 lively children I value the importance of work-life balance. A healthy lifestyle can help us all be efficient at work so that we can switch off when we are meant to.

Knowledge, experience and passion enable me to empower individuals to make their health a priority which is a vehicle to happiness and productivity.

Join me to making Small Steps that Leap Health