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Lyndsey Oliver
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Lyndsey Oliver

I wanted to (and want to) live in a world where real representation, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) can be experienced at every level of government, business and community. A world where all humans are equal - regardless of their labels. Currently, the world is a long way off of that. I needed to do something to change it so I set up a consultancy called Making MsChief. I currently work with organisations and individuals to ‘break some glass’ and dismantle the systems that separate and divide.

"Normal" is a myth. "Normal" can hinder progress in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI). Before Making MsChief, I worked for Diageo and my Leadership career centered around systems, process, policy, and people. I have led Global teams, programmes, projects, and change. DEI affects all of us - it's not just a "human" or "resource" issue. Having a non-HR background allows me to bring a different perspective to the issues and solutions needed for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. It takes courage and vulnerability to be inclusive and do things outside of the "norm" - doing things differently is essential to make real progress and sustained change. *I also really like dogs, sports and my family!

I am a champion of working parents, inclusive leaders and an advocate of building diverse, equal and equitable workplaces.

I throw the spotlight on company culture around Diversity and Inclusion. I challenge mindsets, question belief systems and make the unconscious conscious. I encourage leaders to have difficult (and often messy) conversations around bias and stereotyping.

Ultimately, I design and deliver programmes to help individuals become the authentic leader they are destined to be, and not the leader they “should” be or the version they are told to be. I re-invent, recreate, and innovate; twisting tried and tested coaching models into my own unconventional hybrid style.

When I'm not Making MsChief, I'm managing my own work-life balance. I'm a proud Mum of two boys, an outdoor enthusiast, messy creative, cross-fitter and dog-lover.