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Laura Spicer
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Laura Spicer

Over many years of researching what makes a powerful, charismatic speaker, Laura Spicer has assisted many ambitious business professionals to improve their lives and enhance their performance. She brings her own unique mixture of knowledge and experience in coaching voice and catalysing change through her understanding of how our thoughts affect and underpin our behaviour, and our speaking voices.   With her knowledge of both physiology and psychology she has been running a successful private clinic and various group courses for 35 years.

Her many years of coaching business people to use their voices to sound more interesting, motivating, friendly and authoritative enable her to teach you how to sound more the way you want to whilst remaining completely authentic. She consistently helps poor and mediocre speakers transform into powerful, great speakers.

Laura now also assists clients to create the appropriate impact when working across a screen, which is different from speaking to a physically present audience.   She also trains people whose first language is not English so they can be clear and understandable to any audience.

Whether you work one to one with her or as part of a group, if you want to transform the way you contribute to or lead meetings, in person or via a screen, whether you want to create video, audio, presentations, lead teams, motivate your workforce or sell your products, Laura is the best person to assist you to do the best possible job.