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Ruby Sweeney
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Ruby Sweeney

Ruby Sweeney founded The Events Hub in 2011, bringing together a team of experts who provide clients with a bespoke service which meets their objectives. Her strengths in strategic planning, creativity and adaptability are crucial when a company is placing a great deal of responsibility in the team’s hands.

Working with senior leaders and decision-makers, small teams, and specialist consultants, The Events Hub manages conferences and events for ambitious SME’s; consultancies; professional & financial services; membership, public sector & purpose-driven organisations.

The Event Hub’s mission is to provide their clients and their partners, clients, customers, and communities with a first-class experience where people are learning, sharing, and connecting. The biggest satisfaction is knowing that they have taken a client’s idea and transformed it into a unique event.

Ruby has a keen interest in supporting businesses and organisations who are keen to transition existing conferences and events into the online and hybrid space, as well as planning ahead for face-to-face events in a new world.

Ruby is determined to encourage and support the benefits of online events and encourage those that have missed out on holding annual conferences, exhibitions, AGM’s or large meetings to consider planning and designing virtual, hybrid and face-to-face events that deliver