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Jason Sloan
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Jason Sloan

Jason Sloan is a   trained and experienced business coach and  mentor   as well as a  business strategy, performance , engagement, leadership and  change expert with more than 1 9  years’ experience  working in a multinational  pharma  organisation . In addition,  they have  more than 5 years of professional experience working in education/non-profit community organisations.  As an out  queer ( non-binary, gay )  person with years of leadership in LGBTQ+ inclusion, t hey have been recognised as an Involve Top 50  OUTstanding  LGBT+  Future Leader . They are a Co- F ounder and current Co-Chair of the Proud Science Alliance,  a collective of healthcare and life sciences sector LGBTQ+ networks  and partners  who work together to raise the bar on LGBTQ+ inclusion within their organisations and the  sector as a whole They  hold a BBA in Marketing from the University of Arkansas-Little Rock, an MSc in Exercise Physiology from Springfield College and an MSc in Cell and Molecular Biology from the University of Pennsylvania.  Jason  is from  the United States and emigrated to the UK in 2005 to be with  their  now husband, Greg , who is British . They  love exercise, reading, spending time with friends,  collecting urban/street art and  making things with their hands.   

What does diversity and inclusion mean to me?    
To be our best selves, our best teams and our best organisations, we  must   recognise and honour the value we and others bring. This means not simply getting the numbers equal, putting up quotes on websites or simply complying with laws. We must invite everyone to participate, to contribute and to co-create  in order   to realise our ambition to be creative, innovate and perform at the highest level—to be  our best we  all must show up completely, open hearted, and we  have to  invite others to do the same .