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Sarah Joy Newton
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Sarah Joy Newton

Sarah is a qualified nurse in adult and pediatric care, with an additional 15 years of excelling in the medical device industry. She is known for her enthusiasm and energy, with a genuine desire to ensure that, as well as product and company success, patient outcomes are improved and customers’ needs are met.

Sarah’s nursing and medical sales experience has given her extensive knowledge of the sector and she brings established contacts and working relationships to all contracts that are taken on.
These include relationships with NHSSC, Welsh Health Supplies, National Services Scotland, procurement hubs and private sector groups.

An area of particular expertise is the tendering process, both administering tenders and producing winning bids. She has also gained a working knowledge of ISO 9001 and 14001, reviewing and writing documentation to required standards, ensuring processes are compliant, conducting internal auditing, with the result that external audits are passed.