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Partha Kar
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Partha Kar

Professor Partha Kar is National Specialty Advisor, Diabetes with NHS England and co-lead of Diabetes GIRFT with NHS Improvement.

He has led/ been part of and delivered so far on (April 2016- till date):

• Type 1 Diabetes structured education platform for all ages
• Setting up a National Diabetes Advice line during COVID19
• Data around COVID19 and mortality related to diabetes
• Part of national team developing guidelines during COVID19
• Freestyle Libre being available on NHS -across country
• NHS Right Care Diabetes pathway
• Diabetes “Language Matters” document
• Type 1 diabetes NHS England web-resource – on NHS choices
• Introduction of Frailty into QoF treatment targets for diabetes care in NHS
• Availability of CGM to all T1D pregnant patients
• Diabetes Technology pathway development with multiple stakeholders
• Setting up pilot projects for diabulimia treatment in London & Wessex
• Introduction of Low Carbohydrate App into NHS Apps Library
• Developing DEVICES – a VR based programme on diabetes education

Other work has involved input in updating of driving guidelines in relation to use of technology in those living with diabetes, helping to develop a virtual reality programme to improve hospital safety and starting work on increased mental health access for diabetes patients across the NHS

Dr Partha Kar has been a Consultant in Diabetes & Endocrinology at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust since 2008. He has been the Clinical Director of Diabetes from 2009-2015, being part of a multiple national award-winning department (HSJ Awards / BMJ Awards) due to its services and care provided. He is the pioneer of the Super Six Diabetes Model which aims to deliver diabetes care differently and is recognised as one of the good examples of integrated care.

An avid user of social media such as twitter (@parthaskar) to engage with patients - and been recognised as a "Social media Pioneer" by HSJ in 2014. He also writes a monthly blog for the BMJ, has a personal blog (“Sugar and Spice: Wish all things were nice”) and a podcast (“Sweet Talking”)

He has also been:

*Co-creator of TAD (Talking About Diabetes) – TED talks from those with T1Diabetes
*Co- creator of Type 1 Diabetes comic (Volume 1 and 2)
*Setting up Type 1 Diabetes: Rise of the Machines – event on Closed Loops/DIY tech
*Creator of “Diabetes 101” an online support group of healthcare professionals during COVID19