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Jo Cowlin
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Jo Cowlin

Jo Cowlin is a transformational coach, facilitator and game changer. She helps individuals and teams get clear on what they want, take meaningful action and create lasting change. Having spent over 20 years working in and with the Pharmaceutical Industry she understands the challenges that present on a day to day basis. Her expertise is getting to the core issues quickly and delivering content that stimulates a new perspective and can be applied immediately.

Her passion for people and the way they think has led her to hone in on the relational aspect of change. In a world where the pace and complexity of change is intense, she is more than familiar with the issues this throws up for any workforce.

A results driven individual, with a strong sales background, she aligns to a performance culture and recognises that balancing and managing the emotional impact of change is critical. Jo typically works with organisations that want to build and nurture a resilient workforce that can quickly adjust to change and deliver results without going in to overwhelm.