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Danielle Simmonds
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Danielle Simmonds

Danny Simmonds is one of the UK's leading experts in resilience and the director of Silver Lining Training. She has worked with a broad range of industries, across the public and private sector, in the UK and internationally, supporting people to perform at their best in challenging and demanding environments.

Danny’s resilience training programmes empower people during times of uncertainty and change.  She equips people with innovative tools which increasing their well-being and performance.  All her work inspires positive cultures of engaged, high performing people, across the globe. 

An experienced trainer, facilitator, speaker, and coach Danny has over 22 years’ experience in learning and development.  She has a passion for psychological health, neuroscience, well-being, resilience, and performance.


Her approach is engaging and practical, using tailor-made programmes which are highly participatory and memorable.  Learning solutions are always created in partnership with clients and address the specific needs of diverse groups, from new graduates through to middle, senior and executive management. 


Danny advocates multi-media learning which delivers tangible results for businesses and appeals to the different learning styles of delegates. This is achieved by using a combination of tools from the fields of: Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Behavioural Science and Mindfulness.