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Clive Powell
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Clive Powell

Having graduated from Sheffield University with a degree in psychology, Clive joined the Association of British  HealthTech   Industries in 1989 to work on regulatory affairs  and   the forthcoming Medical Device Directives.  During his time with the association Clive was responsible for setting up and running numerous working groups and committees covering regulatory matters, standards, clinical investigations, UK market issues, sterilisation and microbiology, decontamination and legal affairs amongst others.  He was also an active member of a number of MedTech Europe groups over the years , particularly on regulatory and ethical compliance matters .  

He was actively involved in setting up and  running   ABHI’s long-running regulatory conference, probably the premier such event in the UK, as well as several other  such events   over the years.   In addition, he   researched, wrote and edited  various ABHI publications, the last of which was the ABHI Regulatory Bulletin which ran for a number of years until his departure from the association.  

Clive was also responsible for overseeing publication and implementation of ABHI’s Code of Ethical Business Practice.  He also led ABHI’s work setting up the industry-sponsored credentialing system, MIA, and subsequently was an active member of the LSI Education, Training and Standards Advisory Group and the LSI Regulation Council.  

Clive joined LSI in April 2020.