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Ania Ruszkowski
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Ania Ruszkowski

Ania Ruszkowski Training Ltd. (a.r.t. Ltd)

Ania Ruszkowski is an accredited Business Coach and Learning Specialist, from a Pharmaceutical Sales Management background. She is also a practicing artist, having completed a certificate in Portraiture at the Art Academy in London. Ania is now studying for a Foundation Degree in Contemporary Portraiture at the same school.


Ania combines her passion for behavioural change with her artistic practice. She applies artistic concepts to business challenges to engage both the logical and creative sides of the brain. This unique approach generates greater emotional expression and insights which words alone cannot deliver. Applied to coaching and team engagment, it offers the mind space to reassess problems and create plans through an understanding that rational thought alone cannot offer


Ania works in collaboration with artists, psychologists, art therapists and business leaders to deliver the organisational success and outcomes you require.