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Michelle Sullivan
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Michelle Sullivan

Michelle has had a diverse career in pharmaceutical and medical devices, first working in the industry in 1990.

As a lateral thinker and strategist, her employers such as Covidien/Medtronic, and Boston Scientific, have often created roles to capitalise on her knowledge and skills, helping them to respond to the prevailing market conditions.

A graduate biologist with a long-standing career in sales, management, marketing, and market development, Michelle chose to re-train in Health Economics at York University, adding the value ‘spectacles’ and ‘hearing-aids’ she employs today when working with the business leaders of her current employer,  their customers (the NHS), and various industry bodies.

Her current in-depth understanding of COVID and its implications, has led to a dedicated following on Linked-in, and a focus on how we can best work and show unique value in the new ‘COVID-WORLD’ that is upon us.

She currently lives in Brighton, with her daughter Amber, who has recently become a total clean-freak, and her dog Saffy, who has not.