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Lidia Best
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Lidia Best

Lidia is a vice-Chairman of ITU JCA-AHF ( International Telecommunication Union Joint Coordination Activities on Accessibility and Human Factors) and internationally recognised accessibility expert and advocate for persons who are deaf or hard of hearing. She brings unique knowledge as expert with lived experience, as a person who is  hard of hearing and a cochlear implant user since 2009.

Her work has specific focus on accessibility, policy development, innovation and quality of hearing care for deaf and hard of hearing people including policy development, training, and consulting. She contributed to work on standards as a member of G3ict delegation to ITU in telecoms, captioning and assistive listening devices , she is an editor of the ITU FSTP-RCSO “Overview of remote captioning services" and H.871“Safety requirements for wearable audio augmenting devices” the recommendation on personal sound amplifiers.

Previously as a vice President of EFHOH ( The European Federation of Hard of Hearing People) she oversaw development of the reports into situation of hard of hearing and deafened people in Europe in areas of employment, hearing care and accessibility.

In UK, Lidia is a Chairman of the National Association of Deafened People (NADP).

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