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NHS Training


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 NHS Training


Stay up to date with the very latest NHS changes and their impact on Life Sciences

With the ongoing NHS changes, the Life Science sector needs to know how developments will affect their business, as they happen. 

Here at the Applied Healthcare Academy, we have put together the following suite of courses to keep you up to date with these changes, allowing you to meet the challenges and seize the opportunities.

AHA NHS Diploma 

Our core NHS Training is an eight-hour, 7 module programme designed to ensure a comprehensive analysis of all 4 UK healthcare systems. It covers:

  • Policy and Strategy
  • KPIs
  • Structure
  • Commissioning
  • Finance
  • Procurement

Additional Courses and Services


  • A 24/7 NHS Electronic Consultancy – ask any strategic question about the NHS and our panel of NHS experts will answer accordingly.

Introduction to the NHS Course

  • An interactive and fresh overview of how the NHS works in the UK.

Specialist NHS Courses

  • A Deeper Understanding of Integrated Care Systems
  • An Overview of Commissioning
  • Celtic Nations Health Economy Insight
  • Clinical Commissioning Groups
  • England and Devolved Nations: Procurement Structure: Nationally, Regionally and Locally
  • Getting It Right First Time (GIRFT)
  • Introduction to Primary Care Networks (PCNs)
  • Introduction to the NHS in England
  • Local Authorities and the NHS – Integration Partners
  • Local Market Access for Medtech: Primary Care
  • Local Market Access for Medtech: Secondary Care
  • Medicines Optimisation and Value
  • NHS Efficiency
  • NHS Long Term Plan
  • NHS Performance Management and Measurement
  • NHSX
  • Organisational Approach to Procurement
  • Population Health Management
  • Specialised Commissioning
  • Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships – Including Clinical Commissioning Groups and Integrated Care Systems
  • The National Institute for Health Protection
  • Understanding Community Pharmacy
  • Understanding NICE
  • Understanding the NHS in England - The Role of Public Health

Presentations to Download

  • Downloadable presentations on key NHS areas that quickly get you up to speed with the changing NHS.


  • In-depth and time-sensitive analysis of the NHS both regionally (10 regional reviews updated monthly); and nationally (updates quarterly).
  • Bespoke therapy area reviews produced and reviewed quarterly (delivered on line and via Webex)


 ABPI and IPHA Compliance


A comprehensive suite of ABPI and IPHA code courses for field and head office based staff, and agencies

With a proven track record of delivering ABPI and IPHA compliance solutions, our in-house and external editorial team will ensure that your teams are fully equipped to understand the ongoing changes to the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) code guidelines (2021) (by job function) via our suite of online ABPI code courses. Likewise with the IPHA code.


 Compliance and Regulatory


Keep ahead of relevant regulatory changes and ensure optimum compliance

Courses include:

Medical Devices/Products

  • Post-market Surveillance and Medical Device Vigilance For Customer-facing Employees


  • Adverse drug reactions
  • Pharmacovigilence for Life Sciences

Life Sciences

  • First Aid
  • Lone Working Personal Security Course
  • UK Bribery Act



Your one-stop shop for all your field-based staff's credentialing needs

We offer accredited online courses designed to meet the LSI Register Standards; in so doing to meet any of the three tiers needed to gain a LSI National Register ID card. 

Courses are accepted by all UK credentialing providers including the LSI National Credentialing Register, MIA and Intellicentrics (AFPP accredited where appropriate)

  • ABHI Code of Conduct/Practice Course
  • Acute Care - Introducing the Hospital Environment
  • Aseptic Technique
  • Blood Borne Pathogens
  • Effective Communication as a Sales Professional
  • Effective Hand Hygiene
  • Hospital Access  - Life Science Registry Tier 1
    • Covering: Industry specific Code training Bribery Act, Competition Law and Procurement, Information Governance (including Caldicott Principles and GDPR), Self Patient and Public Safety and NHS values and behaviours (including patient confidentiality)
  • Hospital Access  - Life Science Registry Tier 2
    • Covering: Adverse Event Management, Aseptic Technique, Environmental Health and Safety training, Essential Hand Hygiene and Infection Control
  • Hospital Access  - Life Science Registry Tier 3
    • Covering: Theatre Access and Acute Care environmental training
  • Infection Control
  • Theatre Access - Foundation
  • Theatre Access - Revalidation