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Overachieve in 2023 - a Jim Steele Masterclass

15 Dec 2022 13:00 - 14:00

Overachieve in 2023 - a Jim Steele Masterclass
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Jim Steele is a business speaker, executive coach, leadership facilitator, and one of the world’s top business performance pioneers.  Delegates will leave Jim's sessions with tools and strategies to help in the moments that matter most. 

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FREE 60-minute Live Masterclass


Event Details:

In this FREE 60-minute Live Masterclass,  Jim Steele  gives us a powerful combination of the best executive coaching and the latest, cutting-edge research that will maximise your professional performance and personal potential. This will enable you to be more resilient and adaptable, reclaim time, space, freedom and fulfilment in your own life.

We all have a deep and untapped pool of pure potential that we must draw on when we encounter change, pressure and stressful situations that tax our abilities and challenge our very notions of ourselves. But how can we tap into this strategic reserve at the right time?

Unashamedly Superhuman delivers neuroscience-based, peak performance training for anyone interested in reversing the impact of the countless distractions and endless uncertainties that characterise modern life.


Key Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how Unashamedly Superhuman can make you Better, Smarter and Stronger
  • Explore the principles, ideas and strategies that enable you to combine two critical areas: high performance and wellbeing
  • Explore a series of performance hacks that condition both mental and physical resilience
  • Develop mindfulness hacks that eliminate distraction, remove uncertainty and drive focus, concentration and intrinsic motivation
  • Condition a positive mindset to remain calm and alert in the moments that matter most
  • Master the flow cycle to tap into the ‘zone’ and boost productivity



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