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The Future of Specialised Commissioning

09 Dec 2022 13:00 - 14:00

The Future of Specialised Commissioning
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Nigel Edwards is Chief Executive of the Nuffield Trust. Nigel’s work and interests range from innovation and change at the front line of health care delivery, to wider health care policy in the UK and internationally.  He is keen to draw on different disciplines to inform health policy and led the Trust’s work in recent NHS history.

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A pharmaceutical market access specialist with more than 20 years’ experience of tracking access environments around the world. 

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Scott is a highly motivated and inspirational change management specialist, who followed 10 years pharmaceutical industry sales and management experience by establishing his own management consultancy in 2005.

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Shailen has had a leading involvement in well over 300 partnership working projects over his career - initially working in the NHS and latterly under the banner of Soar Beyond Ltd

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FREE 60-minute Panel Discussion


Event Details:

In this FREE 60-minute Live Panel Discussion, Nigel Edwards, Neil Grubert, Scott McKenzie and Shailen Rao come together to talk about specialised commissioning.

Commissioning is central to the NHS meeting the challenges it faces today and in the future, and in ensuring that the health service improves population health, quality of care and cost-control. To deliver these aims, commissioning will need to continue to develop.


What is specialised commissioning? Specialised services are generally provided in relatively few hospitals and accessed by small numbers of patients. They are usually for patients who have rare conditions or who need a specialised team working together at a centre.


Key Learning Objectives:

  • How specialised commissioning delivers cutting-edge care
  • How specialised commissioning catalyses innovation
  • How specialised commissioning supports pioneering clinical practice
  • How industry can align with these developments and support its customers through the changes
  • The growth in budget and demand



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