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Virtual Wards - The Future of Healthcare?

02 Dec 2022 13:30 - 14:30

Virtual Wards - The Future of Healthcare?
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Gurnak is an NHS general practitioner and is passionate about digital innovation and reducing health inequalities. He is highly experienced in the transformation of clinical pathways, having been involved in numerous projects around the UK.

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Shailen has had a leading involvement in well over 300 partnership working projects over his career - initially working in the NHS and latterly under the banner of Soar Beyond Ltd

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FREE 60-minute Live Masterclass


Event Details: 

In this  FREE 60-minute Live Masterclass, Dr Gurnak Dosanjh and  Shailen Rao   will provide an update on the progress being made with regards to the policy paper published by NHS England in April 2022 which asked  all Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) to extend or introduce for the first time the virtual ward model. This is an innovative and important area of care, and we look at the opportunities it presents for industry to engage successfully with the new system.


Provision can also include remote monitoring using apps, technology platforms, wearables and medical devices such as pulse oximeters, and involve face-to-face care from multi-disciplinary teams based in the community (sometimes called ‘Hospital at Home’). Medicines optimisation is already proving to be a key area of focus for virtual wards.


Key Learning Objectives:

  • An informative update on the policy document on virtual wards and the progress being made
  • Sharing examples of good practice
  • Exploring how the Life Science Industry can engage and support the NHS


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