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Celtic Nations Quarterly NHS Insight - Winter Update

02 Dec 2022 

Celtic Nations Quarterly NHS Insight - Winter Update
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Tony has worked in and around the pharma industry for 20+ years with 15 years in the client environment and the last 10 in the consultancy side.

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Gwynne Morley is the General Manager of IQVIA Solutions and CSMS division of IQVIA. She has extensive experience and knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry, from the manufacturer to the patient.

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Experienced Healthcare Development Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the biotechnology industry. Skilled in Business Planning, Sales, Six Sigma, Hospital Sales, and Further Education. Strong sales professional with a Bachelor's degree focused in Applied Biology from Ulster University.

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In this FREE 60-minute Recorded NHS Insight event, we bring you the UK’s leading NHS commentators to keep you on top of the changing NHS within the Celtic Nations.

Our panel consists of: Alex Curley  (Wales), Tony Cox  (Scotland)Gwynne Morley  (ROI) and Eugene Reid  (N Ireland)