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Haematology NHS Update with John Chater

11 Oct 2022 13:00 - 14:00

Haematology NHS Update with John Chater
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I provide editorial and training services to pharma and medtech on the subject of the NHS and have also specialised in ABPI Code training (virtual, face to face training and online courses).

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Haematology is a diverse and multi-faceted area of medicine primarily concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of patients with blood and bone marrow disorders.

Including such areas as chemotherapy, stem cell transplantation, sampling bone marrow, giving intra-thecal chemotherapy and advising primary care practitioners, haematologists operate within multi-disciplinary teams and in all healthcare sectors.

In this  FREE 60-minute live   event,  John Chater  will outline and examine how haematology services are provided and how recent reforms will affect the delivery of services in different care settings.

Find out:

  • How haematology services are delivered and funded
  • How they will be affected by the introduction of integrated care systems, at system, place and neighbourhood levels
  • About challenges to haematology provision
  • How you can more effectively work with the NHS to deliver haematology services


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