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In Conversation with Scott Mckenzie

04 Oct 2022 13:00 - 13:30

In Conversation with Scott Mckenzie
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Scott is a highly motivated and inspirational change management specialist, who followed 10 years pharmaceutical industry sales and management experience by establishing his own management consultancy in 2005.

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Do you really understand the buying motivations and specific needs of NHS commissioners and providers?

In today’s NHS, there is a far greater need to be aware of the wider decision-making framework that exists and influences your customers. This involves much more than a ‘traditional’ focus on the benefits of your own project or product.

Now, healthcare buyers demand that you understand their specific needs in relation to treatment pathways, the wider health economy, and the broader objectives of delivering healthcare in the integrated care system (ICS) era.

In short, if you only lead your sales negotiation with your product, you may fail to make an impactful impression and are unlikely to enjoy long-term success.

In this free half hour event,  sales and product placement expert Scott McKenzie will draw on his extensive experience of working with the NHS to demonstrate how to unlock the potential that exists within the new healthcare system, without leading on your product.


Understand Scott’s five point and fail-safe way of making a successful pitch:

  • How to lay out the background clearly
  • Why demonstrating the problem your project will aim to solve is essential
  • How to clearly set out the outcomes your project will deliver
  • Measuring your project success
  • Finally, the process to showcase your product


Who is this for?

Everyone who is selling to the NHS, at every level, who wants to significantly enhance their chances of successfully landing their projects.


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