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Selling through the Lens with Dominic Colenso

Selling through the Lens with Dominic Colenso
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I help businesses and individuals to communicate better and improve their performance. I began my career as a professional actor and worked extensively on stage and screen.

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02 Sep 2022 13:00 - 14:00



It’s time for you to learn how to sell through the lens…

Being great in person is no longer good enough, working in sales in 2022 requires a new skill set - this event is for anyone who has to pitch, present or persuade virtually!

We’ll be joined by Dominic Colenso , a former Hollywood actor, theatre director and teacher, who now uses his skills to empower businesses, sales teams and leaders to increase the impact of their communication and perform at their best under pressure. 

In this interactive, high-energy session Dominic will share with us the skills and tips he learned from the world’s best actors to help you show up powerfully, connect with your audience, sell on screen and close the deal.


By attending this FREE event you’ll be able to:

  • Create “bingeable” presentations and pitches that leave your prospects wanting more
  • Show your confidence on screen
  • Adapt your camera technique to make the audience feel like they’re in the room with you
  • Develop strategies for controlling the virtual room and staying in charge of the conversation
  • Discover screenwriting secrets for structuring your content for more engagement


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