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The Winning Mindset for Leaders

The Winning Mindset for Leaders
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My 19 year career as a professional and International cricketer taught me that our mindset can be the difference between success and failure. After studying an MSc in sport psych, I’ve supported some of the biggest names in sport including SA Cricket, England Rugby, Premier League Football and F1

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12 Aug 2022 13:00 - 14:00


Led by Jeremy Snape , a former England cricketer and the founder of Sporting Edge , he’ll teach you key techniques to develop the mindset that all high achievers share.


In this FREE summer session, Jeremy will share exclusive video insights from his pioneering digital library along with a toolkit to help you to:


  • Thrive in uncertainty and pressure
  • Unlock potential in your teams
  • Create an innovative culture
  • Use purpose to drive performance


Join us  and get ‘Inside the Mind of Champions®’ to discover the real life success stories of high achievers and apply them to your business. Having supported the senior teams of a wide range of pharmaceutical companies, Jeremy’s blend of inspirational insights and practical strategies delivers a lasting impact.


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