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Sustainability: How can industry be part of the solution?

30 Sep 2022 13:00 - 14:00

Sustainability: How can industry be part of the solution?
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Michelle has had a diverse career in pharmaceutical and medical devices, first working in the industry in 1990.

As a lateral thinker and strategist, her employers have often created roles to capitalise on her knowledge and skills, helping them to respond to the prevailing market conditions.

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Derek is an entrepreneurial international executive with extensive experience of commercial management, sales and marketing, supply chain and developing strategies to bring complex products to market. Derek joined the pharmaceutical Industry in 1988 and has worked for some of the largest companies in the proprietary and generic sectors.

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The Sustainability Series

The NHS committed itself to become the ‘world’s first net zero national health service’ setting out ambitious targets to achieve this objective in Delivering a ‘Net Zero’ National Health Service (October 2020).

For emissions that the NHS controls directly, it will reach net zero by 2040, and for emissions the NHS can influence by 2045.

Realising this in as complex a system as the NHS is particularly challenging and necessitates immediate and ongoing action that will affect all aspects of service delivery.


Key areas critical to carbon reduction have been red flagged, including:

  • Integrated care systems (ICSs) and new models of care that focus on reducing carbon and using environmental impact as a factor in care design
  • The use of medicines, which account for around 25% of emissions within the NHS in England. The NHS is working with industry to identify products with a low carbon impact
  • The NHS using its considerable purchasing power to influence change in the supply chain, including medical equipment, by prioritising the efficient use of supplies and low-carbon substitutions. By 2030, the NHS will no longer purchase from suppliers that do not meet or exceed its commitment to net zero


Carbon-literacy will be essential to commercial success for Pharma and MedTech, with a demonstrable commitment to sustainability and change acting as a gatekeeper to the supply of medicines and medical equipment.

In this important event, our experts will clearly explain what needs to be done now and how industry can positively engage with the net-zero challenge.

The NHS acknowledges that it cannot succeed in its ambitions without the support of all of its suppliers and partners. This event will show you how to identify mutually beneficial opportunities and to become a part of the solution.


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