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Conflict Resolution - A Masterclass

Conflict Resolution - A Masterclass
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Richard Newman, CEO and Founder of Body Talk – Advanced communication training to increase your personal impact and influence.

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09 Sep 2022 13:00 - 14:00


Do you have difficult conversations where you want to create a positive resolution? You might need to overcome objections, get people to work well together, negotiate a way forward or simply gain agreement.

In this live, interactive masterclass you will discover how to get people to come together with a common vision. You will learn the questions you need to ask to build understanding, respect and move forward towards a positive outcome together.

In the free 60 minute live event you will learn:

  • How to create a deeper understanding with the people you meet, through uncovering their key motives so that you are able to reach resolutions more quickly
  • How to avoid assumptions that can steer meetings in the wrong direction
  • When to apply a universal objection handling strategy to live business scenarios
  • How to use new principles for upcoming events, to increase your success

You are encouraged to attend live and take part in the interactive session, so that you gain the most personal value.


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