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MSL Mastery – Advancing and evolving the MSL role

MSL Mastery – Advancing and evolving the MSL role
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Helen is CEO of One MSL, a specialist training consultancy with a mission to maximise MSL impact and value across the global pharmaceutical industry. 

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16 Sep 2022 13:00 - 14:00



The MSL position has developed from its ‘back-office’ support function to that of an integral strategic partner, key to customer liaison and the success of the wider organisation. But what does this step-change mean for the individual and medical leadership in relation to the development of necessary skills, behaviours, cross-functional working and agreed KPIs?


This masterclass is vital for those wanting clear answers to these questions and a full understanding of the requisite competences for the modern MSL, how development needs can be identified and met, how to prioritise upskilling and the true meaning of 'empowerment'.


Join Helen as she shares her unique perspective on the evolution of the MSL and the wider medical team, and also provides her expert analysis of the important annual ‘One MSL Global Survey’.

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