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Dermatology NHS Update with John Chater

Dermatology NHS Update with John Chater
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I provide editorial and training services to pharma and medtech on the subject of the NHS and have also specialised in ABPI Code training (virtual, face to face training and online courses).

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07 Sep 2022 13:00 - 14:00

Therapy Area Review

This masterclass will take a broad perspective of dermatology services and identify key areas of change and opportunity that are emerging from the era of the integrated care system (ICS).


Our discussion will include:


  • Understanding ICS reforms – neighbourhood, place and system
  • Where are we now? (The state of ICS planning)
  • How integrated care will affect the flow of dermatology services
  • Pharmacy services in the community and wider
  • The potential effect on commissioning and formularies
  • How industry can respond – opportunities, implications and taking advantage



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