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The MSL of today: Commercial or Non-Promotional?

The MSL of today: Commercial or Non-Promotional?
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Helen is CEO of One MSL, a specialist training consultancy with a mission to maximise MSL impact and value across the global pharmaceutical industry. 

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A professional, hardworking and conscientious Medical Affairs Specialist working within the field of medical affairs following extensive experience in sales and management with major pharmaceutical companies.

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Bob is an award-winning, published and accredited training and development professional with the ability to assess organisational, group and individual learning needs and meet them in a way that truly challenges attitudes and behaviour. 

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01 Jul 2022 15:00 - 16:00


Ian Chamberlain is joined by leading industry experts Steve Patmore, Bob Bevil  and Helen Kane  to discuss the evolution and future of the Medical Science Liaison (MSL) role.

Together they will discuss the role of the MSL, the evolving skills required for a high performing MSL, and make predictions on the future of medical teams.


This FREE 60-minute interactive session will cover:

  • Commercial vs non-promotional: what is the difference?
  • What’s the role of the MSL?
  • Where is it evolving?
  • What skills and competencies do you need to be building for the future?
  • How are you benchmarking against the rest of the industry?
  • What does the future look like? How will omni-channel strategies impact?
  • What have been COVID’s effects on MSL engagement with Health Care Professionals (HCPs)?
  • How do medical affairs and the MSL roles intersect?
  • Will the MSL take over from the Key Account Manager (KAM) as the 'owner' of the account?



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