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Virtual communication best-practices – how to impress and influence everyone you speak with - a 60 minute Masterclass from Andy Bounds

10 Feb 2022 13:00 - 14:00


The session will cover these best practice tips and tools:

  • Virtual communication best-practices – how the world’s best communicators have been communicating during lockdown, and what we can learn (ok, copy) from them
  • Intimacy and engagement - how to use your virtual communications to build customers’ enthusiasm and buy-in
  • Increasing interactivity – the best questions to ask, to maximise your chances of having interactive two-way valuable communication
  • Overcoming objections – virtual relationships have unearthed lots of new objections! So, we’ll agree the best mindset, scripts and techniques to overcome these
  • Gaining commitment – how to ensure your virtual meetings lead to mutually agreed actions
  • Virtual follow-up – how to follow-up your virtual communications, to ensure the follow-up actions actually happen!

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