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Bespoke Training


Bespoke, Live Trainer-Led Workshops


During these challenging and COVID-19 changing times flexibility is the key.  Full day face to face workshops are now a challenge however Life Science Access Academy can offer you a real alternative – bespoke, live trainer-led virtual workshops.  People development remains key – skills, knowledge and mindset.

LSAA bespoke live trainer-led workshops are the perfect answer.  Tailored specifically to your business needs and training objectives, LSAA offers fun, energetic courses lasting between 60-120 minutes or longer courses run on a modular basis.  They can be delivered on a variety of platforms (Zoom being the most popular).  Group size for courses will vary depending on whether you choose a keynote course which can be delivered to large numbers or more of a signature interactive programme with groups of up to 12 people.


Key Benefits of the live trainer-led Virtual Workshops:

  • Engaging, interactive and collaborative experience
  • Courses led by over 50 subject specialists and experts in their field
  • Accessible training from anywhere
  • Flexible scheduling to fit with business priorities
  • Practical, cost-effective and time efficient