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Bespoke Training


Bespoke Instructor-Led Workshops & Programmes


In addition to hundreds of digital courses and eight interactive webinars per month which are available to all subscribers, the LSAA provides client-specific bespoke instructor-led workshops on all of our topics. This gives our clients the option to explore a subject in more detail, to focus on the aspects most important to them and to tailor the learning around their needs, challenges, products, disease area, customer types and business methods.

Bespoke sessions can be delivered remotely or in-person and could range from 60 mins to a series of modules and events over several weeks depending on needs. Content can be prepared for large group facilitation (of thousands of participants), small groups or one-to-one  where needed.

Every bespoke programme or workshop will be supported by our digital Learning Management System (LMS).  This can be used to host any pre-reading or post-workshop follow up content as well as capture video roleplays, flipcharts, interviews, slide-decks or other content created during the session.  We believe that this tailored and blended approach to learning optimises results and creates long lasting positive change.


Key Benefits of the live trainer-led Virtual Workshops:

  • Engaging, interactive and collaborative experience
  • Courses led by over 100 subject specialists and experts in their field
  • Accessible training from anywhere
  • Flexible scheduling to fit with business priorities
  • Practical, cost-effective and time efficient